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Compassionate assessment of goals and areas for growth

In-depth question and answer session to help you understand your relationship to self-care

Personalized meditation technique to jump-start your journey

Guidance to develop a healthy self-care routine that works for you

Deeper dive into areas that drain you of energy and how to reset any negative dynamics


Continuing guidance on your personal self-care routine and daily practices

  Advice and support for  when you're feeling        s t r e t c h e d  too thin or challenged by life

Sleep Support! Reset your relationship with nature's great healer and learn how to use your dreams to improve your waking life

How to recover from periods of stress or overwork and return replenished

Support with the use of Medical Cannabis such as CBD, THC or other therapeutic terpenes


Utilize mindfulness practices to relax, relieve stress and better handle the demands of life

Learn to identify your own inner teacher and access a wellspring of perfectly-personalized advice and guidance for you, from you

Turn on your natural healing abilities and regulate your hormones, improve your sleep, boost your immune system, reduce pain, fire up your sex life and enhance your focus and mental clarity


Get off the hamster wheel: Finally learn how to understand your body's needs and make nutritional choices from a place of self-love

Customized dietary suggestions that help you feed your true cravings without compromising on the therapeutic benefits of real, whole foods

East Meets West: An Integration of epigenetic science and traditional plant medicines 


Get that glow: learn about how and when to eat to maximize healing and keep your body youthful


Regular, consistent access to support as you take steps to build a healthy self-care routine

Your self-care cheerleader: advice and guidance to help you stay motivated and engaged instead of stuck and confused 

Never feel alone in your journey as you join a growing community of BLOOMers 

Personalized journal and meditation prompts to help you develop a practice of self-awareness that you want to stick to

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